The establishment of Minfa Business School and the opening ceremony of Minfa Elite Class 1 were held

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On the morningof April 23rd, the meeting room of the Dongtian Production Center was solemnand splendid. The government staff from the Nan'an Municipal Bureau of Humanand Society, the friends of the fraternal companies, and the middle-levelcadres from Minfa Aluminum gathered together to witness the business school.The establishment and the opening ceremony of the "Minfa Elite Class1" opening ceremony. Huang Bin, director of the Employment Bureau of thePeople and Social Bureau, Professor Hu Bin, a senior management consultant ofthe company, Huang Changyuan, general manager of Minfa Aluminum, and FuSunming, deputy general manager of Fushun Aluminum jointly pressed the crystalball to announce the formal establishment of Minfa Business School. As thefirst dean of the business school, Mr. Huang Changyuan made an enthusiasticspeech. The Director of the Employment Bureau of the People's and SocialBureau, on behalf of the People's Bureau, expressed his warm congratulations tothe founding of Minfa Business School.

Dean HuangChangyuan firstly expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks on behalf ofbusiness leaders for the arrival of distinguished leaders and guests.

In his speech,President Huang reviewed the development history of Minfa Aluminum, summed upthe reasons for the development of Minfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. and the wayforward. He believes that the success of the company over the past two decadeshas benefited from a good macro environment and the company has consistentlyadhered to the “science and technology enterprises, "Strengthen talents"strategy. At present, the economy has entered the “new normal” and the markethas undergone great changes. The development of traditional industries isfacing greater pressures for transformation and upgrading. Industry insiders,including government authorities, industry experts, business operators and manyemployees, are Think about the path of sustained and healthy development of thecompany and explore ways to open up markets and increase profits. The companybelieves that the foundation of the solution is the improvement of the overallquality of the company and the overall improvement of the quality of thepeople. Therefore, Minfa has the grand idea of  establishing its own business school. With thesupport of the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the TalentCommittee and the doctoral students of Tsinghua University, after a year ofmeticulous preparations, Minfa Business School was finally announced. In thefuture, the company will adhere to the people-centered principle, not only by high-qualitytalents, but also by excellent environment. While advancing the development ofthe enterprise, it has made great efforts to transform Minfa into a universityand a large stage, and has created a large number of excellent talents withoutstanding ability and innovative spirit. The School of Business is not only aplatform for the development of learning-oriented organizations to enhance thecore competitiveness, but also an important vehicle for Minfa to create a groupof successful partner talents and boss-type talents.

On the first dayof the founding of Minfa Business School, the first batch of students waswelcomed. The business school invited senior management consultants andmarketing experts, Professor Hu Bin, to teach the course "ManagementPhilosophy and Leadership Art." Dean Huang encouraged the students tofully understand the importance of learning. He pointed out that today is theage of the knowledge economy. With the rapid development of science andtechnology, new technologies, new technologies, new concepts, and new ideasemerge in an endless stream. In a rapidly changing market, all those who relyon old knowledge and past methods to solve new problems will eventually beprevented from being The fate of elimination, so employees should firmlyestablish the concept of lifelong learning, and consciously accept thescientific and cultural knowledge and the concept of advanced baptism, to be alearning style of advancing with the times. At the same time, he asked thetrainees to diligently sum up new methods and skills in their studies, be adeptat verifying in practice, and quickly improve their professional abilities andprofessional qualities. He also hopes that management cadres will lead byexample and take the lead in learning and resolutely abandon backwardness. Themode of thinking, management methods, and production and lifestyles ofemployees drive the employees around them to learn positive attitudes, to beaggressive, to be passive, to become a new generation of professional managerswith ideals, capabilities, and qualities, and to create more for the company value.

This is an erawhere everyone has a dream, an era that is moving toward innovation,coordination, green, openness, and sharing. Living in this great era, everyonehas the opportunity to enjoy color, everyone has the opportunity to dream cometrue, everyone enjoys Opportunities for development and common destiny with themotherland and the times. I wish you a better business school!

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