Aluminum Corporation of Fujian Province, Fujian Province issued adhere to the " Talent is the most valuable asset " concept. Minfa that enterprise comprehensive strength of the competition , in the final analysis is the talent competition . Enterprises have a first-class talent, in order to compete in an invincible position .

To have the talent , we must first focus on talent in the enterprise formed a good atmosphere . The company of " respect for talent , trust talent, relying on " people of the idea to establish a cultural characteristics with Minfa work, study and living environment that allows employees of independent personality , personal dignity , personal rights are fully respected and often feel from the business community's understanding , care and help , so that employees of the company have real identity , a sense of security and belonging . Meanwhile , businesses and employees adhere to "win-win " strategic thinking , and strive to create a good environment for the growth of individuals and organizations for the development of talent to build a broader stage.

Minfa provide you with a wide stage and a broad perspective . We lit glory of human nature , return the value of life , and you create prosperity and happiness !

About Minfa

Fujian Minfa Aluminum INC. Was founded in May 1993

Hercynian plate aluminum enterprises

the only "Fujian aluminum Spark Technology Innovation Center" enterprises

One of the editor unit for aluminium profiles national standards

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Address: Nanan City, Fujian Province, South China Comprehensive

               Development Zone

Tel0086-595-86286999 86299500 13599116366

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